Cricket Frass

Something for your plants to enjoy. Simply put, frass is cricket poo. After we harvest, we sift what is left and freeze it to make sure that nothing viable remains and combine it with our waste natural coir which we use as an egg hatching medium. The two combined can really enhance your plants' growth and crops. We've tried it on loads of things and it seems to work on everything except sunflowers for some reason (we're no horticulturalists!).

Why not order a bag and see what it can do for your plants? Or better still, buy some for a gardening friend or your mad uncle, it makes a unique gift! 

IMG_0738 (Medium).jpg

Frass and coir mix

A mixture of cricket frass and used natural coir. Use a small handful at the base of your flowering or fruiting plants  to enhance their growth. A unique gift for an enthusiastic gardener.

500g Pack £5.00